Amazon debuts charge port installation for electric Audi SUV

Audi has revealed its first all-electric SUV, the Audi e-tron, to be released to the US in the second quarter of 2019.  While this in itself is fun news, what caught the attention of Tire Profiles was seeing the name Amazon in the mix of yet another automotive feature.  “Alongside the debut of the e-tron Amazon.com announced that it will be offering Audi e-tron buyers the ability to learn about, book the installation of, and review EV home charging solutions.” How many times have we seen Amazon pop up in the last couple of months, especially in the automotive world? First in tire sales, and now Amazon is making sure it is in the electric car market as well. Amazon sees the revenue potential that are in these products. We should all be watching Amazon and planning accordingly. They have a market plan that is shaping the new world of retail and convenience.