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Award-winning, one-of-a-kind, handheld, laser-based tire scanner that
works anywhere with a WiFi signal

  • Captures all necessary data for tire and alignment diagnostics
  • Touch screen allows for easy data capture from tire to tire
  • Next-generation license plate recognition with improved plate-to-VIN accuracy
  • Durable, lightweight, portable
  • Works anywhere within reach of a WiFi signal

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Features/ Benefits

  • Integrated camera for license plate recognition (LPR)
  • Precisely measures over 600 points across the tire
  • Increases tire and alignment sales

Drive retention and higher profits in
your service department

Help educate your customer and build
a relationship based on trust

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benefits from groove glove?

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Increase tire sales and wheel alignments at your auto service center or dealership with Groove Glove from Tire Profiles. This award-winning, handheld laser-based tire scanner works anywhere at your service center with a Wi-Fi signal. It measures over 600 points across the tire and features an integrated camera for license plate recognition. Awarded Best New Technology at SEMA, Grove Glove is durable, lightweight, portable. A single-page color-coded detailed report with the data that Grove Glove captures is printed out for members of your service team to share and review with customers. Grove Glove single handedly will increase revenue at your service center with improved tire sales and added wheel alignments.