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Addressing Some Common Misconceptions Around Selling Tires and Alignments

ALL YOU NEED IS A STICK GAUGE AND A GOOD PROCESS. While technically this is correct, the real question is what level of success are you aiming to achieve? Manual processes are difficult to manage due to the element of human error.

Why Tires Should Matter To You

Every day, on average, 3 of your customers buy tires from other providers! And you are likely going to lose their next vehicle purchase because of it!

Alignment Rack Utilization Case Study

Dealerships limit their potential revenue in terms of alignments by arbitrarily setting goals based on the capacity of the alignment rack, rather than determining the actual opportunity.

Crisis Management – COVID-19: The General Manager’s Guide to Dealership Recovery

This document was used to navigate the 9/11 Crisis and the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis. You need a game plan. You need a strategy. You need to come out of this crisis prepared and stronger than you were before. Be aggressive now and make tough decisions so you can thrive later. I hope this helps you…it […]

Tire Wars – Fixed Ops Magazine Article by David Boyle

Click this Link to View the Full Article in Fixed Ops Magazine: Tire Wars-Fixed Ops Mag–2020-04 Tire Wars-Fixed Ops Mag–2020-04

Watch David Boyle discuss How to Adapt to a Changing Automotive Industry.

David Boyle, CEO of Tire Pofiles, talks about  How to Adapt to a Changing Automotive industry. Watch Now…

Podcast: Business Continuity During a Crisis

David Boyle, CEO for Tire Profiles, discusses business continuity during a crisis.

Four Ways To Work Smarter In 2020

With the start of a new year, business owners like you are reviewing their financials, setting budgets and zeroing in on their KPIs, readying themselves for the opportunity a new year brings. You’ve got 12 months of potential bottom-line growth ahead of you. But where will that growth come from? And how will you go […]

Tire Profiles Unveils New “Traxtion” Dealership Solution

Tire Profiles (TPI) has revolutionized the tire and alignment space with their state-of-the-art diagnostic products — the drive-over TreadSpec™ and the handheld GrooveGlove™. This technology has not only increased the number of wheel alignments at dealerships and auto service centers across the nation and throughout the globe, they’ve also created an increase in tire sales. [...]

Tire Profiles Unveils Interactive Software

Tire Profiles’ (TPI) new TraXtion software gives tire dealers the ability “to manage and act upon” data generated by the company’s TreadSpec drive-over reader. “Tires and alignments are quickly becoming the only real volume sales opportunities left in today’s service industry,” says TPI CEO David Boyle. “Everyone is scrambling to win a share of this [...]