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Customers simply drive over the unit and TreadSpec does the rest

Introducing TreadSpec 2.0:

The Best Just Got Better!

TreadSpec is the solution to your tire diagnostic dilemma. Its revolutionary design, innovative software, and proprietary E TreadTracker™ Report deliver customer retention, efficiency, and profitability quickly and easily. The E TreadTracker Report empowers your customer by providing data illustrating when their tires will need replacement.

  • Futuristic Design
  • Lower profile
  • Looks better on the service drive
  • Easier for customers to drive over
  • Composite construction
  • Extremely durable
  • Lasts longer
  • Holds up better to environmental issues (ex. chemical and salt exposure)
  • Patent-pending system
  • Requires significantly less cleaning and maintenance
  • Features WDS: water deflection system

Next-generation License Plate Recognition (LPR) with improved plate accuracy

Your Tire & Alignment Diagnostic Solution

Let automation replace labor! This professionally installed, easy-to-use system provides a detailed customer report that clearly demonstrates the quantifiable need for new tires and/or an alignment. The TreadSpec diagnoses uneven wear before it’s visible to the human eye and integrates easily into current service processes. Capture every tire/alignment opportunity and enhance your customer retention, service efficiency, and profitability.

  • System features:
  • Includes scanning ramps or embedded scanning units, control box, and LPR camera for vehicle ID capture
  • Shoulder to shoulder laser measurement to diagnose alignment recommendations
  • High-quality U.S. equipment; three-section assembly
  • Built for indoor, covered, or canopy service drives
  • Tread depth accuracy better than (±0.2 mm)
  • Scans hundreds of points across each tire
  • Powerful, point-of-sale technology
  • Durable stainless steel housing (embedded units)
  • Open API for integration

One Easy Step

Our TreadSpec requires zero labor. Customers simply drive over the unit, and the software automatically captures tire, alignment, and rotation diagnostics. All this data prints out into a detailed, single-page, color-coded consumer report.

    • No speed constraints*
    • No service drive bottlenecks
    • Nonstop

*Always maintain a safe speed in any service drive.

Drive retention and higher profits in
your service department

Help educate your customer and build
a relationship based on trust

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Are You Ready to Start Gleaning
Benefits from TreadSpec 2.0?

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TreadSpec 2.0 from Tire Profiles is the solution to create added retention and higher profits in the service department of your auto dealership with added wheel alignment and tire sales. This revolutionary tire diagnostic system captures tire, alignment and rotation diagnostics along with capturing the vehicle’s license plate when a customer drives over it. No labor is involved. Customers simply drive over the Tread Spec unit at your service center, and our software automatically captures tire, alignment, and rotation diagnostics. The data prints out into a detailed, single-page, color-coded consumer report your service team members can immediately share with customers. With TreadSpec 2.0 you’ll experience increased wheel alignments and enhanced tire sales at your dealership or auto service center.