User Spotlight: Capitalizing on Your Groove Glove

Willis Hudson, Authorized Franchisee with SpeeDee Oil Change in Asheville, NC, sees increased tire and alignment revenue with the Groove Glove, but the franchisee wanted to expand his reach. So, he launched radio ads highlighting SpeeDee’s 17-point inspection and the tire tread/alignment diagnostics from the Groove Glove. He’s been using the Groove Glove for only a little more than a month, but he says he already orders more tires than previously.

“I like being able to show the customer the tread depth on their tires; customers are very receptive,” says Willis. “It helps them understand their tires better. We can tell customers all day long when they need new tires or an alignment and why they need it, but when they see it on a piece of paper, they believe it. Customers come here for years and trust us completely – the [TreadTracker] report proves what we’ve been saying about their tires.”

Listen to Willis’ radio spot here!